Time: 15 minutes (with 12 hours pre-soaking, and drying in oven)
Equipment: 1 cup raw almonds; ½ teaspoon salt; 4 cups filtered water; vanilla bean (optional); dates/honey (optional); blender/food processor; large bowl; chux/cheese cloth/kitchen towel
Purpose/Topic: Maritime History
AoPG: Physical

Almond milk could be used on long sea voyages when transporting a cow was problematic (if there was ‘gentry’ travelling who might require milk for tea).
Soak almonds for about 12 hours in water with the salt. Rinse them, and dry in the oven on the lowest heat.
Place almonds in a food processor or blender with the water.
Blend for several minutes, until smooth and creamy. (This mixture will expand, so don’t overfill your blender.)
Strain the mixture into a large bowl through the cloth.
Put mixture back into the blender with vanilla or soaked dates if using. Blend briefly.
Pour into a glass jar, and store in the fridge for up to one week.