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Oh When the Saints

Oh when the clouds, go floating by,
Oh when the clouds go floating by.
I classify three types of families,
Cirrus, stratus and cumulus.

Oh cumulus are high and fluffy,
Oh cumulus are high and fluffy.
They look like heaps of cotton candy,
Outside the sun it is so dandy.

Oh cirrus clouds are high and thin,
Oh cirrus clouds are high and thin.
The look like commas or a feather,
Often meaning fair weather.

Oh stratus clouds are low and layered,
Oh stratus clouds are low and layered.
They seem to be a blanket of grey,
To say it just might storm today.


The Farmer in the Dell

The puffy, flat, white clouds
We call them cumulus
The puffy, flat, white clouds.

The feathery, thin white clouds
Are cirrus high in the sky
The feathery, thin white clouds.

The grey and foggy clouds
Are stratus low in the sky
The grey and foggy clouds.

The dark and stormy clouds
Watch out for nimbus rain
The dark and stormy clouds.

Time: 5 minutes
Equipment: jug of water; eye dropper; cotton balls; dish
Purpose/Topic: Weather—Clouds
AoPG: Intellectual

Shape a cotton ball into a ‘cloud’. Hold it above the dish. Using the eyedropper, drop water onto the cotton ball ‘cloud’. After enough drops have been added, it will begin to ‘rain’ from the ‘cloud’. If you look carefully, you will be able to see the ‘raindrops’ forming at the bottom of the ‘cloud’.
Squeeze the cotton ball out, to empty all the ‘rain’ out.
Look in the dish, and you will be able to see how much water ‘rained’ from the ‘cloud’.

Time: 20 minutes
Equipment: kites
Purpose/Topic: Weather—Wind
AoPG: Physical, Social

Take the Joey Scouts out on a nicely windy day. Give them a chance to run around and fly their kites.

Time: 15 minutes
Equipment: Cloud Viewers
Purpose/Topic: Weather—Clouds
AoPG: Intellectual, Social, Physical

Take the Joey Scouts outside to watch the clouds. Joey Scouts can look for shapes in the clouds.
If they look through their cloud viewers, it will help them identify the types of clouds.

Time: 15 minutes
Equipment: glass jar with lid (or snug dish); hot water; aerosol spray (hairspray); ice cubes
Purpose/Topic: Weather—Clouds
AoPG: Intellectual

Pour about 1/3 of a cup of boiling water in the jar. Quickly spray the hairspray into the jar, and put the lid on. Place some ice on the lid, and watch the cloud form.

Time: 5 minutes
Equipment: dish; boiling water; cotton balls; tongs
Purpose/Topic: Weather—Clouds
AoPG: Intellectual

Put the boiling water in the dish. Using the tongs, hold a cotton ball over the dish. After the steam has risen (evaporation), you can then squeeze it out (precipitation).

Time: 5 minutes
Equipment: cloud three part cards (enough to work individually, or in pairs/threes. You can combine with other topics to have enough cards available.)
Purpose/Topic: Weather—Clouds
AoPG: Intellectual

Terms: altocumulus, altostratus, cirrocumulus, cirrus, cumulonimbus, cumulus, stratocumulus, stratus

The objective of these cards is to correctly match the images with the label.
Each basic card set should include Image cards, Label cards and Combined Image/Label cards.
Give each pair of Joey Scouts a complete set of cards. They should match up the labels and images, and then refer to the Control cards to see if they are correct.

Time: 15 minutes
Equipment: Straw; card (manila file weight); scissors; glue; lidded container (yoghurt, takeaway coffee); pebbles; pencil with eraser; pin/thumbtack; marker
Purpose/Topic: Weather—Wind
AoPG: Intellectual, Physical

Cut about a 1centimetre slit in each end of a straw (in the same alignment). Cut a 7 centimetre square, and a triangle about 5 centimetres long out of the card. Decorate if desired. Slide the triangle and square into the slits in the straw. Add a dab of glue if necessary to fix them in place. Fill the container with pebbles (or some other weight). Turn the container upside down, and insert the pencil into the centre, writing side down. Stick a pin through the centre of the straw, so that the triangle and square are upright. Then press into the eraser on the pencil. Trim whichever end is heavier if the straw is unbalanced. Mark N/S/E/W on the sides of the container.
Take the wind vane outside, into a clear open space. Orient the base according to actual directions. If there is any wind, it should spin until the arrow is pointing in the direction the wind is blowing from.

Time: 15 minutes
Equipment: Stick; string; feather; tissue paper; printer paper; light card; heavy card
Purpose/Topic: Weather—Wind
AoPG: Intellectual, Physical

Each Joey Scout finds a stick. Using the string, they tie each of the items along their stick. Put the lightest at the bottom, and the heaviest at the top.
To use, hold the stick above their heads, in a clear space. The items that move will be an indication as to the speed of the wind.