… for the youngest section in Sea Scout Groups.

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Time: 5 minutes
Equipment: small, light object, eg a feather, origami boat
Purpose/Topic: Weather: Wind
AoPG: Intellectual, Character, Social

Arrange up to eight Joey Scouts around a table (obviously more tables can be used for more Joey Scouts). Assign each of them a ‘wind’ (try to align with the actual directions).
Place an object in the centre. The Leader calls out the wind directions, and the appropriate Joey Scout provides the wind.

(It can be played on the floor, but is obviously easier on a table.)


Time: variable
Equipment: nil
AoPG: Physical, Social

One Joey Scout is designated ‘It’. They start playing chasey. When a Joey Scout is caught, they stand still like a starfish. If another Joey Scout can crawl between their legs, they will be free to run again.

Time: variable
Equipment: nil
Purpose/Topic: Navigation, Parts of a Boat
AoPG: Intellectual, Physical, Social

Assign each section of your space a label. When the appropriate term is called out, Joey Scouts run to that place. The last to arrive is out (and can help decide who is last).
All terms should be correctly applied (relative to each other).
To focus on Navigation, it is best if you can align with the actual compass (at least approximately).
Navigation: ‘North’, ‘South’, ‘East’, ‘West’, ‘Lost the compass’ (Joey Scouts spin in the middle).
(optional) ‘North-West’, ‘South-West’, ‘South-East’, ‘North-West
Parts of a Boat: ‘Bow’, ‘Stern’, ‘Port’, ‘Starboard’, ‘Man Overboard’ (use the swimming ‘help’ signal), ‘Captain’s Coming’ (stand in middle, saluting), ‘Scrub the Deck’ (sit cross- legged in the middle, scrubbing in front of them)

Time: 10 minutes
Equipment: 1 skateboard and 2 plungers per team, hard floor (where the skateboard will run)
Purpose/Topic: team work
AoPG: Physical, Character, Social

Form into teams, and set up for a relay (half at each end of your space). One Joey Scout from each team will sit on their skateboard, ensuring their feet are up off the ground. When the race begins, they will use the plungers to ‘row’ to the other half of their team.

Time: at least 10 minutes
Equipment: straws, alfoil; a ‘body of water’; coins
Purpose/Topic: To explore floatation
AoPG: Intellectual, Physical
Give each Joey Scout (or pair of Joey Scouts) a couple of straws and a piece of alfoil.
Give the Joey Scouts 10 minutes to construct a boat, aiming to support as many coins as possible.
Test each boat, to see how many coins it can hold.

Time: 10 minutes
Equipment: nil
Purpose/Topic: team work
AoPG: Physical, Social, Character

All Joey Scouts form a circle holding hands. One is chosen to be the Pelican, they start outside the circle. One is chosen to be a Bream (they start inside the circle). The Pelican flies around the circle, and attempts to get through the ‘net’ of Joey Scouts, to catch the Bream. The Bream tries to avoid being caught by the Pelican. When caught, they can either swap roles, or new Joey Scouts can become the Pelican and the Bream. (Change to a bird and fish local to your Mob.)

Time: 10 minutes
Equipment: a chair for each Joey Scout
Purpose/Topic: variable (navigation, birds, parts of a boat)
AoPG: Physical, Intellectual

Form the chairs in a circle. Give each Joey Scout one of two to four different labels (eg. North/South/East/West, Bow/Stern/Port/Starboard, Pelican/Silver Gull/Albatross/Swan). A ‘collective’ label should also be used (Compass, Boat, Bird). A leader calls out each of the labels being used, and all Joey Scouts with that label change seats. If the collective label is called, all Joey Scouts change seats.
Regularly, one of the seats should be removed. Any Joey Scout who is without a seat sits out of the game.