Time: at least 10 minutes
Equipment: 1 litre milk cartons, box-cutter, wool, duct tape, hole saw discs, dowel (same diameter as the centre of the hole saw discs), glue, square of paper, hole punch, a ‘body of water’
Purpose/Topic: To explore floatation
AoPG: Intellectual, Physical

Before the activity, wash the cartons well, then use the box-cutter to remove most of one face of one milk carton for each Joey Scout. Choose the ‘top face’ if the carton is laid to have a bow. Cut the wool into metre lengths. Cut the dowel into 30 centimetre lengths. Insert a dowel into each disc and glue in place.
Give each Joey Scout a milk carton, and a piece of wool. They should tie the wool through the open spout, then tape it up. Glue a disc/dowel piece into the centre of the carton, to form the mast.
Each Joey Scout should decorate a piece of paper to form the sail. Bend in half (don’t crease) from top to bottom, and use the hole punch to punch a hole in the centre of the top and bottom. Unbend, and slide holes over the mast.
Sail on the body of water. Depending on the glue, you may need to leave this stage for another day.