… for the youngest section in Sea Scout Groups.

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Time: 10 minutes
Equipment: tubes (toilet rolls or kitchen rolls); black paper; Constellation Templates (to be uploaded); skewers; coloured cellophane (red, blue); sticky tape; elastic bands
Purpose/Topic: Navigation—Constellations
AoPG: Intellectual, Physical

Pre-cut pieces of black paper to fit over the ends of your tubes.
Cut small templates out.
Lay black paper over the end of the tube, and hold in place. Position the template over the end, and stab through the star positions.
Remove template, turn paper over and use the elastic band to fix it in position.
Stick red or blue cellophane over holes as appropriate.
Hold up to eye and look through.


Time: 20 minutes
Equipment: empty tin cans; Constellation Templates (to be uploaded); scissors; large nail; small nail; hammer; tape; marker; torch
Purpose/Topic: Navigation—Constellations
AoPG: Intellectual, Physical

Ensure tin cans are empty, clean and unlabelled. Print and cut out the large templates for the constellations you plan to do (note that these will need to be reversed before use).
Hold templates up to the light and transfer star locations to opposite side of paper. (If you intend to make larger holes for brighter stars, be sure to identify these on the template.)
Lay the template on the end of the can. Use the hammer and nails to puncture the holes. Remove template.
Label cans.
Hold torch up to can, and shine on the wall or ceiling. (You may need to remove the reflector from the torch for best effect.)

Time: 20 minutes
Equipment: constellation template (to be uploaded); 2 x 7” round cork trivets; ball head straight pins; mod podge matte finish; scissors; hot glue gun; cosmetic wedges; small rubber bands
Purpose/Topic: Navigation—Constellations
AoPG: Intellectual, Physical

Print and cut out the geoboard template. Spread the mod podge over the surface of one trivet, and glue the template down to the cork. Dab the edges with more mod podge, and carefully cover the top (if you brush the glue, it will cause the ink to bleed slightly). Let it dry.
Use hot glue to attach the second cork trivet to the bottom of the first. This will allow you to really press the pins in place.

Time: 10 minutes
Equipment: copies of Constellation Book (to be uploaded); scissors; staplers; colouring implements
Purpose/Topic: Navigation—Constellations
AoPG: Intellectual

Cut sheets. Assemble in order. Staple. Apply colour to major stars in each constellation.

Time: variable
Equipment: nil
Purpose/Topic: Navigation, Parts of a Boat
AoPG: Intellectual, Physical, Social

Assign each section of your space a label. When the appropriate term is called out, Joey Scouts run to that place. The last to arrive is out (and can help decide who is last).
All terms should be correctly applied (relative to each other).
To focus on Navigation, it is best if you can align with the actual compass (at least approximately).
Navigation: ‘North’, ‘South’, ‘East’, ‘West’, ‘Lost the compass’ (Joey Scouts spin in the middle).
(optional) ‘North-West’, ‘South-West’, ‘South-East’, ‘North-West
Parts of a Boat: ‘Bow’, ‘Stern’, ‘Port’, ‘Starboard’, ‘Man Overboard’ (use the swimming ‘help’ signal), ‘Captain’s Coming’ (stand in middle, saluting), ‘Scrub the Deck’ (sit cross- legged in the middle, scrubbing in front of them)

Time: 10 minutes
Equipment: a chair for each Joey Scout
Purpose/Topic: variable (navigation, birds, parts of a boat)
AoPG: Physical, Intellectual

Form the chairs in a circle. Give each Joey Scout one of two to four different labels (eg. North/South/East/West, Bow/Stern/Port/Starboard, Pelican/Silver Gull/Albatross/Swan). A ‘collective’ label should also be used (Compass, Boat, Bird). A leader calls out each of the labels being used, and all Joey Scouts with that label change seats. If the collective label is called, all Joey Scouts change seats.
Regularly, one of the seats should be removed. Any Joey Scout who is without a seat sits out of the game.