… for the youngest section in Sea Scout Groups.

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Time: variable (probably one minute per Joey Scout, most like more than one turn)
Equipment: 2 inner tubes, 4 pieces of rope, helpers, lifejackets
Purpose: to give Joeys confidence in the water, and familiarity with lifejackets in the water
Topic: Lifejackets, Water Safety
AoPG: Intellectual, Character, Social

Tie two pieces of rope to opposite sides of one inner tube. Do the same for the other set. An adult wades into the water, taking one of the ropes with them. The inner tube sits on the beach.

Form two teams. Each Joey Scout should be wearing a well-fitting life jacket. One Joey Scout from each team hops on an inner tube. They are pulled into the water. When they reach the adults who are pulling, the rest of the Joeys Scouts pull them back to shore. Another Joey Scouts has a turn.