Time: Several meetings
Equipment: 42x19mm pine (200mm per Joey Scout), ø20mm dowel (45mm per Joey Scout), glue, nails, paint, varnish
Purpose/Topic: To explore floatation
AoPG: Intellectual, Physical

Ahead of time, cut for each Joey Scout one 150mm length and one 50mm length from the 42x19mm pine. Make a point at the end of the long piece, to form the bow. Make a bevel on each end of the short piece (this will become the cabin), and pre-drill a ø20mm hole through the centre. Cut the dowel into 45mm lengths.
Give each Joey Scout one of each piece. Use a mallet to put the dowel into the short piece so that it protrudes from the smaller side. Glue and nail the short piece (cabin and smoke stack) to the top of the long piece.
The Joey Scouts can paint their boats. (They are probably best varnished by leaders.)