Time: 15 minutes
Equipment: Straw; card (manila file weight); scissors; glue; lidded container (yoghurt, takeaway coffee); pebbles; pencil with eraser; pin/thumbtack; marker
Purpose/Topic: Weather—Wind
AoPG: Intellectual, Physical

Cut about a 1centimetre slit in each end of a straw (in the same alignment). Cut a 7 centimetre square, and a triangle about 5 centimetres long out of the card. Decorate if desired. Slide the triangle and square into the slits in the straw. Add a dab of glue if necessary to fix them in place. Fill the container with pebbles (or some other weight). Turn the container upside down, and insert the pencil into the centre, writing side down. Stick a pin through the centre of the straw, so that the triangle and square are upright. Then press into the eraser on the pencil. Trim whichever end is heavier if the straw is unbalanced. Mark N/S/E/W on the sides of the container.
Take the wind vane outside, into a clear open space. Orient the base according to actual directions. If there is any wind, it should spin until the arrow is pointing in the direction the wind is blowing from.