Time: 15 minutes
Equipment: alfoil; tortilla; cheese/ham/onion/tomato/other savoury fillings; chocolate chips/banana/marshmallow/honey; oven; plate
Purpose/Topic: Nautical history and traditions
AoPG: Physical, Social

Pre-chop/grate all fillings. Tear large squares of alfoil (each one should be a little larger than the tortilla).
Joey Scouts collect a piece of alfoil and a tortilla. They scatter a selection of sweet or savoury ingredients over the tortilla. They fold the tortilla in half with the alfoil around it, and seal it by scrunching the alfoil.
When sealed, place the parcels in the oven to cook. (If you are cooking a large number, you may wish to write the Joey Scouts’ names on the alfoil in sharpie.)
After they have cooked for a short time, remove the parcels from the oven, and place on plates. The Joey Scouts can unwrap their parcel, and eat their Ration Pack.