pipecleaner parrot pipecleaner parrot 2

Time: 20 minutes
Equipment: 4 pipe-cleaners, 2 feathers, 1 stick for each Joey
Purpose/Topic: Maritime history and traditions
AoPG: Physical, Character

Begin with one pipe-cleaner (silver in the above pictures). Fold it in half. This point will be the beak of the parrot. Wrap each of the sides around your finger, symmetrically, then do a final wrap on each side to cross back to the centre. This is the remainder of the head.
Bend a second pipe-cleaner at the mid-point (green). Place it through the final cross at the bottom of the head. Bend a third pipe-cleaner one-third of the way along (purple). Place it at right angles to the second pipe-cleaner, just under the head, so that the longer side will form the back. Twist the second pipe-cleaner to fix the second and third pipe-cleaners to the head. Form these 4 halves in a body-like shape, and twist together at the shortest point with a couple of feathers.
Fold the fourth pipe-cleaner in half (blue), and wind around the bottom of the body. Wind the bottom ends around the stick (or a finger) to form the feet.