Time: 5 minutes
Equipment: land and water form three part cards (print out 2 sets, one set kept whole, one cut into three parts.)
Purpose/Topic: Navigation
AoPG: Intellectual

Terms: lake, island, bay, cape, gulf, peninsula, strait, isthmus, system of lakes, archipelago (you may choose to skip the last two)

The objective of these cards is to correctly match the images with both the label, and the definition. To begin with (and for younger Joey Scouts in general), you may choose to use only the label cards.
Each basic card set should include Image cards, Label cards and Combined Image/Label cards (aka Control Card).
Each advanced card set (if you choose to do them) should include Image cards, Label cards, Definition cards and a Control Chart.
Give each pair of Joey Scouts a complete set of cards. They should match up the labels and images, and then refer to the Control cards to see if they are correct.
There is the additional option of using photographic examples of each of the land and water forms, in addition to the generic Images.