Time: 20 minutes
Equipment: empty tin cans; Constellation Templates (to be uploaded); scissors; large nail; small nail; hammer; tape; marker; torch
Purpose/Topic: Navigation—Constellations
AoPG: Intellectual, Physical

Ensure tin cans are empty, clean and unlabelled. Print and cut out the large templates for the constellations you plan to do (note that these will need to be reversed before use).
Hold templates up to the light and transfer star locations to opposite side of paper. (If you intend to make larger holes for brighter stars, be sure to identify these on the template.)
Lay the template on the end of the can. Use the hammer and nails to puncture the holes. Remove template.
Label cans.
Hold torch up to can, and shine on the wall or ceiling. (You may need to remove the reflector from the torch for best effect.)