Time: variable
Equipment: nil
Purpose/Topic: Navigation, Parts of a Boat
AoPG: Intellectual, Physical, Social

Assign each section of your space a label. When the appropriate term is called out, Joey Scouts run to that place. The last to arrive is out (and can help decide who is last).
All terms should be correctly applied (relative to each other).
To focus on Navigation, it is best if you can align with the actual compass (at least approximately).
Navigation: ‘North’, ‘South’, ‘East’, ‘West’, ‘Lost the compass’ (Joey Scouts spin in the middle).
(optional) ‘North-West’, ‘South-West’, ‘South-East’, ‘North-West
Parts of a Boat: ‘Bow’, ‘Stern’, ‘Port’, ‘Starboard’, ‘Man Overboard’ (use the swimming ‘help’ signal), ‘Captain’s Coming’ (stand in middle, saluting), ‘Scrub the Deck’ (sit cross- legged in the middle, scrubbing in front of them)