… for Joey Scout Mobs in Sea Scout Groups.

(Or any other members of the youngest sections in Scouting… Beavers, Keas, etc.)

This is the online version of my Wood Badge Project. Because I’m a leader (with a land Scout background) in a Joey Mob, in a Sea Scout Group. And really, much of the time, we’re practically indistinguishable from the nearby land Scout Mobs. (Aside from our glorious location on the river:-) )

So I decided I’d make a collection of games, activities, stories and ideas, so that when I’m looking for something, I have a range of ‘Sea Scout-y’ options to hand.

I have been collecting ideas for a few weeks (since my first training weekend), and putting them all together in document. But I plan to also link each idea as a separate post (so it will be searchable, and I can include links to specific examples of some of the resources). In addition, when I have a ‘finished’ version of the document, I’ll put it up here so that people can use it off-line.

Hopefully, there will be other people also interested in this topic. If  you have any other ideas I’ve missed out on, I’d love to hear from you:-)